Unlock your Channelling Gifts

Channelling 1-2-1 Mentorship

Four 75 min 1-2-1 zoom sessions (1 to 2 weeks in between to integrate and practice learnings)

This mentorship is for you if you...

* want to receive wisdom, guidance, inspired thought, creative ideas and powerful downloads from higher realms that you can use in your work life and personal spiritual practice.

Expand your psychic skillset.

Areas of exploration;

Developing your clairs (your natural psychic gifts), intuition, heart space opening and healing, opening your channel to receive guidance from your Higher-Self, Beings of Light such as Archangels, Ascended masters, Goddesses and Galactic Beings, and transchannelling.

You will also learn how to protect your energetic space, how to control your ego, energetic hygiene, how to identify Higher Beings and how to decipher psychic messages.

This course will be intuitively guided and I'll be welcoming in your Spirit Team to help remove what's preventing you from embracing and exploring your gifts.

As we all have areas we're stronger in, you will learn how to develop your natural psychic skills.

The areas of study will be personalised to your spiritual journey and needs. Please book a free discovery call and I will outline a programme for you.

*Note: This is NOT a mediumship course. i.e. we will not be communicating with passed loved ones.

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