Laoise O’ Connor

Spiritual Teacher

A Modern Psychic

I aim to drag psychic gifts, kicking and screaming, into the mainstream!

We all have these gifts just below the surface.

My mission is to teach you how to access and strengthen your natural abilities.

Healing past-lives is a great way to quantum leap forward in your soul development.

Past-Life Exploration

Dive deep into healing long rooted trauma with a Past-Life Healing. Discover guidance from your Higher-Self and your Spirit Team. 1-2-1 or pre-recorded

Spiritual Mentorship

Learn how to develop your psychic gifts to access creativity, divine inspiration, downloads and manifestation. Channel Galactic Beings, receive Spirit guidance, connect with your Higher-Self, explore past-lives & the Akashic Records and much much more.

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Be Love

A book about spiritual exploration. You are brought on a healing journey through your past-lives, learn about the Galactic realms and how to live a heart centred life.

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My Current Offerings

Past-Life Healing

Unlock your Channelling Gifts 1-2-1 Mentorship

Private Channelling Experience

More under construction!


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Spiritual Seeds Podcast

Check out my podcast where we explore all things spiritual from angels to social justice, from past-lives to mental health. This is a BS free space for the spiritually curious.

Check out my blog

Where I expand further on channellings and topics from spirituality, psychic skills to everyday intuition.

Past-Lives Explained

Here I explain why we have past-lives, the role they play in healing and why this is the key to accessing the wisdom of your soul.

Spiritual Meditation

I’m passionate about teaching others to connect with their psychic gifts. In this visualisation you can begin to discover how you can access your soul wisdom. Sign up for my spiritual mentorship programme to explore more.

Contact Me

It’s best to contact me by email, Instagram or book a zoom discovery call


“From the moment I met Laoise I just got this incredible energy from her, like I knew right away I could trust her and that she was here on this earth to help others with their healing! During our session she made sure I was feeling comfortable and safe the entire time. Using her gifts Laoise helped me uncover aspects of my past lives I needed to acknowledge and heal from, and she is simply so unique and magical in how she does this. I’ve never had an experience like this and I feel truly grateful and blessed that I was able to have a session with her!” Charlotte

“I had a Past-Life Healing with Laoise where we visited two of my past-lives. This reading was absolutely amazing and resonated on every level of my being. The way Laoise was able to really bring to life the circumstances around the original wounding was soothing to my soul. I felt seen and heard and now totally understand why these things have affected me in this life. There was so much relief that came with this reading and I feel the healing already. I got a lot of clarity from it as it made sense of a few things I’ve been experiencing recently. The releasing in this session and further healing that I know is to come is cathartic to my soul. Thank you Laoise. What a gift you have. Truly divine.” Joules

"Thank you for the most revealing past-life and Akashic healing Laoise. The visions of my past-lives instantly brought me awareness of how they are playing out in my current situation. Understanding the roles in previous lifetimes I can see how the relationships I have now have evolved. It's so valuable to have that wisdom shown to you and then be able to release and heal from it, helping to resolve the areas I'm feeling conflicted in. It was such a beautifully vulnerable experience. You are super gifted! I felt safe and supported throughout the session and held in love. Thank you so much.” Gem